Friday, July 4, 2014

Snow trip.

The kids decided they wanted to go to the snow this year.  We have never been as a family, we thought the kids were perfect ages so we thought we would go. We stayed in Marysville and travelled up to Lake Mountain.  We considered a few different resorts and in the end decided this one seemed the very kid friendly and slightly closer to home. We were very happy with our decision.  

We hired pants, boots and toboggans in Marysville which was slightly cheaper than hiring on the mountain.  We took our own hats, gloves and coats.  Make sure you do your homework and compare all the various packages and offers.  It can be quite confusing, work out what you need and find a package to suit.   We also purchased our day pass and hired our chains on the day prior so we didn't waste too much time on the day which was excellent thinking if I may say so myself.

We were very lucky choosing a day that wasn't busy (week day) and the snow cover was incredible.  Even the resort staff said they haven't seen it this good for about fourteen years. (Obviously they have good memories).  We got their early so had a great play in the powdery snow, making huge snowballs by just rolling them down slopes, having snow balls fights and tobogganing and in the afternoon it snowed.  The kids just lay on the ground watching it float down and catching it on their tongues.

We made a snow man.  
More your classic style snow man, carrot for a nose, you know the one.  
Some people got very creative.
The trees burnt in the bush fires looked amazing with the snow settled on them and disappearing into the fog.

My speed demon below.

I would be interested in other people's snow experiences in Victoria.  We want to go again and Mr Eleven wants to have a go at snow boarding which you can't do at Lake Mountain so we may try another resort in future.

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  1. What perfect timing for your trip. The kids must gave had a ball getting to play in nice fresh snow and the enjoy seeing the snow fall. I hope you get to enjoy another break down genre this winter.