Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New phase for us.

Yikes.  Haven't blogged since March.  Not that it matters does it but I do miss it.  Since I made my grand statement of getting back into blogging our world stepped up a gear and has only just settled down again.   Feels like a new phase.  Here's where I've been....

We sold our little farm that we bought ten years ago.  We had a couple of interested buyers and as we weren't living at the property any longer we had lots of weekend trips to keep things maintained, sell cattle, and move the last of our belongings.  It was a busy time, everything else (such as housework and blogging) kind of fell by the wayside.  Anyway now its all done and dusted and we are living full time in one place now which feels great.  We are free to do what we like on weekends.  We have been living between the two places for two years so its a nice feeling not having to worry about mowing, chasing cattle, irrigating and all the other things that come with running a little farm especially from long distance.  I haven't liked to advertise all over the internet which house we were living in and when either which is another reason for my lack of time here.

We are still in country Victoria but are a lot more remote than we were.  We have gone from a town of 400 to a town of 40 people.  Its a 60km round trip to a supermarket but the killer is the four hour round trip to Spotlight.  We get fresh bread three days a week and there is no petrol available on weekends so I've become a lot more organised with my food shopping and checking the fuel gauge.  The few visitors we have had wonder why on earth we are living here but we quite like it which is all that matters.  You get used to not having all of life's conveniences at your fingertips.  The locals are a great bunch and there is always something to do or somewhere new to explore and the kids are doing really well in their tiny school with just over a dozen students.  

I haven't had a lot of crafty dabbles, just some paid mending and custom making for a few locals but I have managed one frivolous dalliance.  I made some costumes and took Miss Six and her friend out to an old house for a photo session.  So excited how these came out, see above.  I'll post some more soon.

So folks, whoever is still there, thats where I've been.


  1. We moved from the Central Coast of NSW to the Northern Rivers of NSW 7.5 years ago. Whilst we do have things like petrol and chain stores open 7 days it took a bit of getting used to that things don't open 24/7 everywhere and somethings close at noon on Saturdays. But I would change it for anything. I have just spent a few days in Brisbane with a beloved aunt and though I enjoyed the freedom of choice I was glad to get back to my small town. Spotlight is a hundred kilometres away but it makes it all that more exciting when I do go and have a list of things that are needed. I am very impressed with your 'frivilous dalliance' and Miss 6 looks very beautiful and extremely happy.

    I check in every now and then and I must say that you sound really happy, it must be so less stressful just having to run the one house.

  2. Everything all in one spot? How bizarre!

  3. Welcome back. I hope now that you are settled that you will get back to blogging again.

  4. Blog on sista!
    I love BFN and all it has to offer - ridiculously cheap massages, Tarryn's life story as she cuts my hair and free printing. What more could a guest want???
    Welcome back....why do I feel like I need to blog now?