Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Acquisitions, a tidy up and more bunting.

Weekly wrap time.  There's been a few goings on.  Husband and son have been away on Somers camp so its been just us girls at home the sewing machine whizzing, visitors staying, slack meals and half the usual washing.

Copperpatch and her two boys came for a few nights.  The kids swapped a few germs, they all had the sniffles but we powered through, going through lots of tissues. 
On Saturday we rang and had the shop opened at Boort by appointment, we made a few purchases.  Here's my random pile of fabrics for skirts, bunting, a flannel pillow and hexagon cushions I'm making.  We bought lunch and sat by the lake and watched the skiers before we came home.

I've had orders for more bunting.  
This is the Christmas bunting I've just finished, my customer was thrilled and has ordered more for her daughter's  bedroom.  I've also heard today of a long lost girl friend having her first baby so some baby girl bunting might be on the cards there too.

In all my spare time I've also been organising my shelves.  I'm half way there.  Every time I've made something lately I've thrown the scraps into a pile which is a really bad habit. The pile was getting rather large, I needed to get things back in order.  I have a little card I press them around to get them all the same size so they stack nicely.  I know thats a little over the top but makes it easy to see and select fabrics for new projects.

In the garden the sunflowers were ready to snip off and save for seeds. We grew one enormous flower nearly 30cms across and many around 20cms.  the seeds were originally from the Diggers club about four years ago, I've grown and collected and grown and collected so have quite a bag of seeds now, well worth the couple of dollars I originally spent for about 20 seeds.

Off to tidy some more fabric and pull some colours out for MORE bunting and get ready for these boys to get home.


  1. We really should take some pictures with us in them!!
    Thanks for a wonderful weekend, snot tolerance and crafty fun xx

  2. I forget you havent seen my stash, I think folding them around the cardboard is the ONLY way to sort! Looks like you 2 had fun!

  3. OMG I really want your cupboard .. or better still someone to come and do that to mine! :)

  4. I am still growing sunflowers from seeds I got from you a few years ago.