Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So. (Sew)

So.  (Sew).
How about some crafty content after that long winded post.  Speaking of which, how nice was it to hear from some old bloggy friends and that they are feeling the same way about things as me.

The craft department around here took a turn for the worse after we moved and settled into our new house.  In the process of the move I lost my sewing room, thats what happens when you move from a five bedroom house down a three bedder.  Me and my crafty parephenalia now reside in a corner of the lounge room.  The husband thinks its more like half the lounge room!  Which at times it is half the lounge room, and dining area and bedroom……. but you have to keep the wife happy don't you.

  Apologies for phone quality photos while my camera is in for a service.

This is my corner of the house.
There are a couple of new acquisitions.

The tree.  I bought this at the Reject Shop for $40, I'm not sure why I bought it but I like it.  Its great to hang half made things on as I work and if I ever do markets again will be a great prop.

You will also notice Scarlet.  She was my last year's birthday present from the family and keeps me company while I sew.  I've jiggled her dials and we are now the same shape and size.  I'm yet to make a garment from scratch using her but gee she's handy for doing alterations on existing clothes.  I've been able to revamp a few older clothes and put them back into circulation.  Nothing harder than trying to pin alterations on yourself.

Another new obsession of late is Washi tape.  It looks pretty sitting on my shelf doesn't it.
I do use it, really I do.  I've lost many hours on Pinterest looking at the wonderful things people do with it.  Its really cute to use when gift wrapping, sticking up birthday cards and not leaving sticky bits behind when marking craft rulers, storage boxes, kids homework etc.  
My collection is small but growing.
Handy stuff.

After some Instagram chit chat late last year, a few quilty girls and I did a little 2.5 inch square swap with each other with the intention of making scrappy postage stamp quilts.  This is my box full of about 800 squares. I'm thinking I might group colours on this one instead of just random placement like my last one.  I'm still playing around with them.  I may need to cut some more squares too as the previous quilt I made had over 1200 pieces.
These are my co-postage stamp swap girls.

Lastly for today.  This is my Christmas hand piecing project.  I needed something small to take away with me so I gathered together my grey fabrics,  Ms Copperpatch also donated to my cause and I started a little hexagon project.  Its destined to be a cushion cover for the couch.  Everyone in blog land seems to have lovely couch cushions.  These are so relaxing to do.

So, thats a brief update on the craft front.  More to come.


  1. I am so impressed with your neat sewing area, even when I have tidied my is not like that. I am sure scarlet is a great sewing companion, quiet and agrees with all your decisions.

  2. Cute sewing the hexie project.

  3. Washi tape is addictive. I have a little collection happening too.
    Your grey cushion is coming along nicely. x

  4. Love your Scarlet. I have a Martha whose stand has been missing since we moved last May. Big excitement the other day when the stand was found inside the golf bag (which shows how little golf the Mr plays). Now she is back together and waiting, waiting, waiting ……
    I'm too busy on Pinterest ;)