Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fancy dress, a new desk and slippery bunting.

Its a mixed bag on the sewing side of things this week.  

I've started some costumes for a photo shoot I want to do with my little girl and her friend.  I've found an unusual old barn that I've been given permission to use.  I've been trying to think of something arty to do as the location is great.  I'm experimenting with creating some historical/bohemian type outfits for the girls.  I want them to look quite over the top.  I picked up some clothes at the op shop and I am just adding fabrics until I get the look I want.  The is my first prototype.  Its not finished but you can sort of get the look I'm going for.  I've used lots of cream, brown, gold and tan, no bright colours to go with the old barn and surrounds. I picked up a broderie anglaise bedspread which has provided a lot of fullness for the skirts.

In other news I started a job.  Just part time locally during school hours.  Perfect for our current situation.  I'm still picking up quite a bit of sewing work so between the two I'm fairly busy.  On my travels this week I saw this old sewing desk for sale for $40.  I had to have it.  Its crying out for a new paint job and handles but impatient me has cleaned it up and has it inside already with my overlocker on it.  Its a great little desk.  

Today I'm working on 22 metres of bunting for a local store to attract travellers to stop on their way to an upcoming alternative festival.  Its the first and last time I make bunting out of satin.  Its going to look good but I realise now why I like cotton fabric so much.  

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  1. Love the dress for the girls photo shoot! So clever.
    I agree with you re the satin. It looks so good but is a slippery little sucker!