Monday, February 3, 2014

My Blogging Block. (Writers Block.)


Where to start?  This will be a blurty type post but I feel I need to write it just so I can stop thinking about things.  Does anyone else do that?  
My theory is if I write it down, I will get what I'm thinking out of my head.  

I've been thinking about blogging, not just mine, other peoples, how blogging has changed, the good, the bad and sometimes ugly.  I keep trying to pinpoint why I stopped blogging and I think it has come down to three things.

1…Annoyance at people taking my stuff.
2…Change in personal circumstances.
3…and Instagram.

1...I haven't experienced anything overly bad, just a few icky feeling moments when you see other people using your images and ideas without acknowledgement, that type of thing.  Its not the end of the world but its not how I like to operate.  I think this is a part of the reason I slowed down posting as often as I did.  I became reluctant to put my thoughts and ideas out there for others to take without any thanks or recognition.  Thats harsh I know but every time I think about blogging it really bugs me.  I won't go into details.  I think we have all experienced it in some way by now especially after talking to a few ladies at Crafty Hijinx in Ballarat.  I don't want adoration just politeness.  I'm probably over reacting as it has only happened a few times but it still happened.

Its making me sad that I haven't been posting my latest brainwaves and projects like I used to.  So I think I need to get back into it, not worry about things so much and get back to sharing my ideas and learning from others.

(See, I do still sew)

2…In the last year or so we had some big changes in our personal life, new jobs, new town, new school and new friends so blogging for me has kind of taken a back seat while everything fell into place.  Its all been good.  Quite a change for all of us but something we are glad we have done career wise and for the kids education and life experiences.

We have moved to quite a remote area, a tiny school of fourteen students, its bloody hot here, its a tiny town, miles away from shops, miles away from family, miles away from anything really.  I think a few of my readers would be fascinated in our daily goings on.  I need to share more about our time here, even if its just for our own family record.  

(This is not our new house but kind of fitting.)

3…Instagram. I love Instagram.  I won't give this up.  Its so easy and instant.  I've reconnected with some of my blog readers over there, found a few new people doing lovely crafty things, other people living in rural areas that type of thing.  I've got a nice little bunch of talented people I watch over there and a lovely, helpful and amusing bunch of followers BUT I think I'm letting Instagram take the place of my blog.  Not good.  I think I need to do both.

(From the garden via Instagram.)

So after lots of pondering I've decided I'm really missing blogging and I need to start doing it again.
A few recent, random compliments on my writing made me realise other people like popping in here too.

I miss the record of our lives.   I don't put everything on here but enough to jog our memories of what we were up to at a certain time.   

I know things change, there is always something new to try on social media but seriously how many places do you have to be. I've nestled into Instagram but found Twitter and Facebook have fallen by the wayside.  I don't miss them at all.

Surprisingly I slowed up on Twitter, I read it sporadically, mainly the news and CFA updates and to get messages to my Dad. Twitter is good but you need to be on it frequently so as to not miss stuff.  I find I don't have time to check it that often.

Facebook irritates me, it really does.  I read what people are up to but find a lot of it is rubbishy jokes, quotes, games, competitions and challenges which I don't have time for.  I find Facebook quite confusing and don't trust it for some reason.  There are so many things I've learnt about my friends on Facebook.  Some I wish I could erase from my memory.  I keep toying with the idea of closing my account, the only thing stopping me is the occasional interaction with some long lost friends.  So I'll probably keep it open.  I won't look at it as often or just take it down to family and one or two close friends.

I read with interest the conversations regarding privacy and over exposure of peoples lives on the net.  In some ways I think its the new normal.  If people want to know about you there are plenty of ways to go about it other than reading your blog.  I'm comfortable with my level or lack of exposure.  I'm always wary of what I'm saying and the images I post. I don't cringe when I read back through my blog which I think is a good sign.  It makes me happy its there.  I must print it off into a book this year!!!

So, in a nutshell, now I've had a long think about things, I'm really ready to dust off my blog and get it ticking along again.

I'm really interested to hear what other people think and in particular why other blogs appear to have gone stale.  
Thats if anyone is still out there………..hellooooo………..

Lets resume normal programming.


  1. Nice to hear your thoughts. Lots of blogs have gone quiet, life intervenes and we don't have time, but then we get distracted too. I enjoy some limited Instagram, but not FB, and I try to blog weekly, mainly as a personal journal. I still love seeing what you are up to.

  2. Same here I totally agree with your whole blog post...I'm more into IG too it has a different feeling too FB which I rarely go onto and only keep it open for family to feet in touch with me for whatever reason....I don't blog as much but try just to keep the journal going as I do get it printed yearly....looking forward to hearing of your new life in your new Tiny Town sounds Perfect....

  3. That should read family to keep ......ruddy spellcheck lol

  4. I want you back- big time! Miss you heaps! But we all have our 'things'- I have taken to deleting people from FB, and also 'hiding' their posts so I dont see them- then I dont get all they're random shit, but they can still contact me if they need to (and if they dont after a while, they're gone! I'll happily tell them why). I want to be blogging for my own memories too, a reminder for when i'm old and grey...and yes, i love hearing the country life, its a good reminder how much I take for granted!

  5. You're super ace. Keep blogging, keep sewing and keep keeping me sane xxxx

    1. Thanks Chickadee. Ditto to that. xx

      While I'm here, the other thing thats changed is this replying in comments thing.
      Do I do it here?
      Do you receive it?
      Do I just email a reply as I've always done?
      Got to sort this out.

  6. I totally agree with you about FB - I'm a bit over it. I love IG and how you don't get all the rubbish & fluff involved like FB. I love following peoples work who I admire and a small peak into their everyday lives. I only get onto the computer around once a week these days and if I have time I will check on a few blogs I like to follow and I must say I've missed your updates!! I'm pretty much on the ipad these days. It must be gut wrenching to see somebody using your pics/images/ideas. Happy blogging in 2014 :)

  7. It is always nice to see what you're creating.
    I'm with you re. the whole blog thing and the moving thing.
    Some times you just need time to settle. I think we're still settling.
    I haven't done instagram - too many balls in the air and perhaps it will be the one that tips me over so best to steer clear for now.
    Looking forward to seeing your goings on.
    J x

  8. [ Smiles ] I blog daily and I don't have writers block. Writer is second nature to me.

    One trick is: choose a topic and run with it!

  9. Helllo! I agree with your comments, but have decided not to use twitter and instagram at the moment. Blogging has changed so much but it is a fantastic record to look back on. Must refresh mine too

  10. Nice to see you back. It looks like you have had a big year.

  11. I've been following you on Instagram, as you know, having just joined this year. I'm at sarahkrothe and you are welcome to follow me back to see what I'm making. I like reading blogs as I think you learn more about the real person, their thoughts and feelings etc. I read a great quote on fb the other day. Facebook is like the Hotel California, you can step out any time you like, but you can never leave.