Friday, November 29, 2013


I can't let November go without a post.
Here's a brief catch up of our (non sewing) goings on.
I have a sewing catch up to come over the weekend.

We have had our local show.  The kids both entered art work and won prizes.  I entered quite a lot of photography and won several prizes as well.  (must do a post on them as well).  Miss Six came second in the Miss Junior Showgirl competition, wearing her new twirly skirt of course.

At the show there was a tent with a display of native animals.  In the photos below the kids are holding a betting which is like a miniature kangaroo.  It was so cute and quiet.  They had wombats that walked on leads, a dingo and lots of reptiles as well.  We had to keep going back during the show for more pats and looks.

 Later in the month we had Miss Six's dance concert.  Unfortunately no photos as yet, we are waiting for the professional video and pics to come back.  We have this one of the pre concert hair and stage makeup.    Very Cindy Brady we think with the pigtails.

I also recently had a birthday which in this house means pavlova.
This year topped with strawberries and home grown mulberries.
Quite delicious.  Makes up for getting older.

I've also had a few recent photography assignments.  
Our town has produced a 2014 calendar and I have contributed a few photos.

This is the train track heading out of town. 

Yarded lambs.

The Christmas puddings hanging in the church kitchen ready to sell.
I love this photo, its obviously the December picture!

I had another little job to photograph the local Catholic church. 
Isn't the timber inside amazing.

This photo below is of the same church, I took this picture last night.  We had the biggest double rainbow appear after an evening shower of rain.  I had people ringing me to make sure I got some photos.  I wish I'd had a bigger lens.  I couldn't fit the whole rainbow in but have taken a series of photos to stitch together in our photo program.
I'm not sure what the church goers will think of this picture but I couldn't resist taking it.  That little splash of sunlight at the top of the church makes it look quite special.

I believe I've also got a few photos in the Murray Electorate calendar this year as well.
Hopefully I'll get a copy this weekend.


  1. You have been busy! Loving the pics - especially the puddings xx

  2. How exciting to have your very own photos published. The Christmas pudding one is a favourite too. x

  3. You're quite good at this blogging thing, you should do it more often....

    Love the pics. How much are the puddings? Still haven't done mine and I gather I'm running late.

  4. Well...hello lovely! You've quite the eye Jules. Absolutely beautiful photographs.