Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Selvedge bag.

I made a bag from selvedges!!!
I'm super excited to show you all this creation.  It is something that has been on my "to do" list for some time.  I've been stashing my selvedges away for some time and Jodie (the master of selvedge creations) generously added to my collection at the Crafty Hijinx weekend.  I also wanted to enter something other than photos in the Wycheproof Show this year.  I thought this would be perfect.

It has come up so well if I may say so myself.  There were lots of layers to sew through where the handles attached but fortunately it all came together without too much bother.

I love the strap.  I picked up the bag loops and slide from Nicki while at Hijinks too.  Nice shiny ones.

Inside I used my trusty red polka dot fabric and trimmed the little pocket with a few more selvedges.  I still have heaps of selvedges left over but have a few other plans for them.


  1. Just love it!!! I could have added to your stash of them too

  2. Fantastic Julie! I think it would be really sturdy too.

  3. And funnily enough the selvedge coaster arrived today !!! The bag looks great. hat section are you entering ?