Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A 6th birthday.

We have had a birthday in the house since the last blog post.  Miss Muffet turned Six!   I'm not sure where those years have gone?

There was much preparation leading up to the party.  There were lots of pre-party requests from the birthday girl.  We made new bunting and a party table cloth.  She even thought it would be a good idea to blow up the balloons four weeks prior in case we didn't get time on the day!  We had planned a garden party with prep/grade one class.....all six of them.  

We made lolly bags from noodle boxes stuck with some Washi tape. I loved this idea so much I bought a pack of 50 boxes.  Hopefully they will come in handy one day.  I'm thinking they could be a good idea for a school fete stall.

As it turned out the garden party didn't happen.
Unfortunately it rained so the table was set inside and the bunting hung dripping from the back verandah.  Never mind, I cleared our lounge room and set up the party games in inside instead.

The cake, while not Pinterest worthy, was designed by the birthday girl herself.  We had a chocolate ripple cake in the shape of a six with candles and umbrellas.  The kids thought it was great and I was happy as it didn't take two days to create.

I had also promised to make a new twirly skirt to wear to the party.  I started making the day of the party.  Yes, I know, that was asking for trouble.  On cue the overlocker had a fit and knotted itself up, so I ended up just sewing it together on my sewing machine and not finishing the seams.  Lets just say it looks fabulous from the outside, just don't look underneath.

It twirled fine so all was well.

So at six she loves Lego, reading, talking, not brushing her hair, going to dance class, Peppa pig, play dates with her farm friends, cutting up my fabric scraps and annoying her big brother.

Happy Birthday Princess.


  1. That sounds like a perfect list of likes for a 6 year old.

  2. And she's just gorgeous! LOVE the pink Salties, and she wont look at the skirt insides. Good job, party planner extraordinaire! (Want to come and help with a 10yr old girls sleepover party?? hehe)

  3. ....and she doesn't care what the inside looks like because the most important thing is that it twirls, which it does beautifully Success on all fronts