Thursday, September 5, 2013

Patchwork tablecloth and birthday bunting.

I'm being given orders by the five year old as to what I need to prepare for her 6th birthday. First up, she wanted new colourful bunting.  Excuse the phone photo.  We probably have time to make some more.  If her birthday weather is nice I'm going to string it around the back yard for her party.  I'm getting quite a collection of bunting.  Its a great re-usable decoration.  I use it on my market stalls, kids stalls at the school fete and special occasions like birthdays.

I then had a brain wave.  
What about a tablecloth to match the bunting.  
This only took an afternoon. 

I thought it would be a good stash user upperer but you can't even see where it came from on my shelves.  No gaping holes.  Ooops.

I had a couple of questions on Instagram/Twitter on how I made it so here's a tutorial of sorts.

Its a super lazy technique but effective.  
It is after all a children's party table cloth destined for blobs of sauce so I wasn't going to too much trouble.  Its basically a hemmed quilt top with no backing.  The kids aren't going to look at the back.

I just cut seven inch wide rectangles of varying lengths depending on the size of my scraps.  You could cut them any width you like. 

Alternatively, use a layer cake or charm square packs.  They are great for beginners, no cutting required.  Just arrange and sew them up.  Way too easy!

I then laid my rectangles out in rows until I had roughly the desired table cloth size.  
I ended up with eight rows.  
I tried to keep similar fabrics from not sitting next to each other.

I then joined all the pieces in each row together along the seven inch side.
Pressed seams to one side (usually the darker fabric).
Then top stitched on the right side. (See below).
I did it this way for extra strength as I wasn't putting a backing on it.

Then joins the rows together down the long side.
Press to one side and top stitch as before.

Trim the ends of the tablecloth so they are level. Then press up a hem and stitch all the way around.

Party table cloth done.  

For a more formal tablecloth you could put fabric on the back and bind around the edge as you would a quilt.  You could even line with pellon for more body.

As I was making this I thought it would also be a good use for quilt tops that are never destined to be quilts.  You know the ones I mean.

Another suggestion re: sauce spillage.  Abbe from Copperpatch suggested covering the cloth with some clear plastic table cloth stuff from Spotlight.   Great idea!


  1. I like Ab's idea, the though of a sauce stain on that freaks me out! You can get thicker clear vinyl at Clark Rubber too, so they dont go all flippy flappy in the wind!

  2. Such a wonderful idea putting clear plastic over the top.
    I do like a spot of bunting. Here bunting is left up year round. x