Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crafty Hijinx

 On Sunday I attended the much anticipated Crafty Hijinx event in Ballarat organised by Jodie (RicRac) and Gillian (Silly Gilly).  With those two in charge it was bound to be a fun day.  I travelled over on Saturday and had dinner with a few other attendees which was nice.  It was fun meeting a few new people.  Forty nine crafty, quilty, bloggy, sewy, internetty type ladies attended.

Jodie and Gilly kindly gave me a lift home from dinner.  Well folks, Crafty Hijinx nearly didn't happen.  Long story, but it involved us in a car, a railway crossing and a lowering boom gate.  
It was a close call.  Luckily very very funny but almost not!

A few pics from the day.  Emma's stall, my goody bag goodies, a Matching Pegs monster, my door prize a bag pattern from Nicole Mallalieu and some bag accessories purchased from her stall and a few books and miscellaneous items from the please take pile.

People brought masses of things to add to the please take table.  It was filled with fabrics, books, patterns, buttons, half done projects, you name it.   Everyone seemed to pick up an  treasure or two.  Whatever wasn't taken at the end of the day was going to a local school and op shop.  A really good idea.  I'm very pleased as I got rid of two full enviro bags including some half done projects I'll never finish.  One lovely lady Sue from I Purr Fur To Craft took my half completed santa sack appliqués to finish to donate to the K-Mart wishing tree at Christmas.  So much for me thinking no one would want them.  I wish I had cleaned out some more now.

At the end of the day Morgan from the Crafty Squirrel opened her shop just for us.  It's a gorgeous little shop I picked up a few bits and pieces which I must photograph.  

It was so good to sit down and actually chat face to face with some of my Twitter/Instagram buddies.  They are an entertaining bunch of girls, all with quite warped senses of humour.

Lastly here's Abbe modelling her new Narioka bag which I was able to give to her in person.
These were some of her better catalogue poses.

  And lastly an Oliver and S pattern for me from Abbe.  Just because.
Looks like Miss six will be getting a new dress for Summer.

OK, I think thats it.  Now a birthday post to write up.  Its been a very busy few days.


  1. what a great event. It certainly sounds like you had lots of fun.

  2. Wow, sounds like a fabulous time. A wee bit green over here!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. heehee, that Abbe's a card! Great modelling pics! It was a blast, and much more fun thatn just a day on Twitter! 'Good for the soul'

  4. Oh that boomgate makes me wince, but we wouldn't actually have been killed, well not outright....

  5. It was great to meet you, Julie! Hope your trip home was more uneventful than part of your travels in Ballarat!