Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hints of Spring.

Its still cold but there are hints of Spring showing.  A few flowers in the garden, canola crops flowering and lots of green grass (and weeds!).  Much more conducive to getting out and about.
We had a particularly nice weather two Sundays ago and the smallest and I chose some dress ups and went for a drive and took some photos just for fun.  She went through a stage of not wanting to model for me but is interested again now.  

She twirled, picked flowers, climbed all over the old wagon, ran down the road in bare feet and asked to stop at the old church for some photos there, we had a ball.  I got some really great photos and actually made the time to send a few away for printing.  I'm starting to put a few photos aside for the local show in October.  
She can't wait to go again.  I'll have to get sewing and make some new outfits for another sunny day.  

We are spending our Saturday mornings at soccer followed usually by a trip back to the farm.  This boy loves his soccer, we are planning on playing all year with the indoor Summer comp starting shortly.  He's a handy little player and kicked an amazing "bend it like Beckham" goal last weekend.

After last weekend's soccer game we took a scenic drive and had a look around Moulamein.  

The big attraction at Moulamein is The Big Tree.  

Here I am with the kids at The Big Tree.  

As you can see The Big Tree is, well, BIG. 

Its right on edge of the river, we had to build a bridge out of sticks to get across to it.

The other attraction is the old court house (below).  It is on an island across the billabong.  You get to it by this little foot bridge.  Isn't it adorable.


  1. That is a seriously BIG tree!

  2. Such a pretty area you live in. Perfect for all those photo shoots. x