Sunday, August 18, 2013

AusModBee update.

With Instagram on the blink I threw out the wild idea of everything pulling their blogs out of retirement for a post or two.  Seems everyone managed a post today so thought I'd better do a quickie.  
These are my latest blocks for the AusModBee.

First up some paper piecing for Jess from Scrappy and Happy.  Paper piecing is growing on me.  I hadn't really done much before this swap.

Next up a "word" block for Catherine from Cat and Vee.

A quirky concept for a quilt.  I wasn't very original with my word but thought it was a necessary inclusion in the quilt.

Very happy with my "Q".
Didn't use a pattern, all just worked out as I went along.


  1. Great work Jules! I don't think I've blogged at all about the Ausmodbee blocks. Must fix that!

  2. I should do an AusModBee block blog post too! Genius idea :)