Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lachlan's quilt.

Silly silly me, I made this really cool quilt for a little guy called Harvey about two years ago.
Harvey recently acquired a new little brother.
This created a dilemma for me.  
I needed to come up with an equally cool, foxy baby quilt.
I had a beautiful girls quilt almost finished for the impending birth... but it wasn't to be.
 I'm keeping the girls quilt for next time!

Foxy baby quilt number one.

So here tis. 
Foxy baby quilt number two.
Welcome to the world little man.
Congratulations to Ms. Copperpatch and Co.

I used tumbler blocks, cut on my go-baby which I've only had for oh, lets see...two years.
If you look closely, I've fussy cut some little fox prints.

Foxy baby quilt number two.

A nice DS border print for the border found in Spotty.

I was going for a low volume look but I think it turned out a little brighter than your average low volume quilt.  I still like the look.  I hope it does him for a couple of years.

I managed to sneak some photo in before the rains started.
This is my new favourite photo spot.


  1. It's loved already! Harvey's response was, "is that mine?" Which meant pointing out Foxy quilt number one and explaining Aunty Julie made it and therefore had to (kindly) make one for his annoying brother.
    Thanks lovey!!!
    Me xx

  2. Great little quilt and delightful pics
    Hugs - Lurline.

  3. Oh it's lovely Julie! Your favourite pic spot is amazing - love that cart!

  4. those foxy babes are so lucky.

  5. Awesome photo with the carriage! Both quilts are gorgeous!