Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A skirt, an apron and some Bee blocks.

I have been sewing, I even managed to take some photos, just getting them to blog stage takes time.
There's been very little sewing on the machine for me lately.  The extra pocket (fabric) money is nice but I'm itching to make myself some things.

First up, an apron. Super easy.  I just traced a pattern off one of Miss Muffs aprons. I cut two, sewed the bike print to one, put right sides together and sewed around the edge catching straps in as I sewed.
and turned it inside the right way and top stitched around the edge. Can I say It looked fabulous.  I can see myself doing more of these.  Only took about half an hour too.

Next up, a twirly skirt for a little friend of Miss Muffs.
She ordered purple.  I had to upsize my pattern and add some extra to the hem as she's a tall girl.

Here she is testing the 'twirlability' factor.
It passed.  Happy customer.

Lastly some more AusModBee blocks for Kirsten.
She requested Anna Maria Horner feathers.  
I'm getting good at these!

At the moment I'm working on finishing another baby quilt and four satchel bags then I think I can make something for myself.  I'm tempted to try some clothes for Spring.


  1. Oooh those feathers are gorgeous but my heart belongs to the twirly skirt ! Its twirltastic.

  2. That's a wonderful skirt!!! I know, my daughter would love to have one like this! I'll try my best :-)))

  3. Love the apron, I have some of the bike fabric and haven't been game to cut it!