Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wyperfeld Weekend.

We have just returned from a weekend camping at Wyperfeld National Park.  Friends have set up camp there for two weeks and as we aren't far way we decided to pop up for a couple of days.  We took the tent and hubby slept in his swag in the back of the ute.  The more permenant campers (or glampers as we refer to them) had all the mod cons, showers, toilet, every gadget under the sun so we really didn't rough it that much.
We saw a lot of kangaroos and emus, the park is accessible by car although many parts recommend 4WD access only.
The highlight of the weekend was visiting a couple of sand hills.  We managed without any effort to keep seven children amused for five hours on Saturday at the Snowdrift dune.  

I can why it was named snowdrift, with all the pine trees growing out of the pure white sand it does look just like snow.

View from the car park.  
You have no idea how many times we went up and down that hill.

Make sure if you go to take some snow board/boogie boards or fashion your own sleds like we had with ropes attached.

The boy getting some air!!!

Photo just to prove I had a go!
Get the expression on Miss Muffs face even though we weren't going as fast as I had my heels digging in.

The girls running on top of the dune.  
Took some great shots of the kids on the wind blown log they are running towards.

Miss Muffet and the log.
It was like a huge piece of drift wood washed up on a super clean beach.

Today the kids wanted to go to the dunes again so we tried the one near Mt Jenkins. Its in a much more barren area of the park.  It literally rises out of the grey landscape.

Today we also visited Pine Plains Lodge.  We wanted to check it out for a future stay.  
If you are looking for excellent group accommodation look no further.  Susan the lovely owner showed us around today. Its got that real American Hunting Lodge feel about it. The main lodge sleeps around thirteen, more accommodation in the house if needed.  They have outside fire pits, camp ovens, spit, huge open fires surrounded by couches, lovely kitchen and bathroom facilities set right in the park.  We are planning a trip there in future.  They accommodate small or large groups and even host weddings.

One of the guest rooms.

The kids all want this room when we stay.  
All have bagged the top bunk of the triple bunk beds.

One of the indoor fires.

The observatory....on top of a 40 foot container turned on its end.  Unfortunately it was too cloudy for us last night to go up for a look.

The kids also got to see the resident camels.

If you are planning a trip make sure you take plenty of fuel and drinking water.  Shops are few and far between.  Leave your mobile phones at home there is absolutely no service which has been nice.


  1. It looks like a great weekend!

  2. I have photos of my kids on that same sand hill over 30 years ago, nothing much changes it seems..

  3. Haha, love the shot of you! Looks like you're killing Miss Muff- or she was squealing with laughter!

  4. Those sand dunes look like so much fun! I like the look of the lodge, too. I'm always on the lookout for places that can accommodate an extended-family getaway

  5. Looks like a great vacation. Fun for me to hear about seeing kangaroo. Not so many her in Michigan, USA. :) I would love to live in that cabin.