Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vintage Tractor Show Market.

For the past few years a friend and I have made over a 100 year old shop to sell our hand crafts during an annual tractor show.  We have a following now, people order year to year.  Tractor clothes, tractor quilts, tractor table runners, tractor note books......you name it.
The things that cracks me up most is that people can't get enough of tractor dresses, yes you heard right.  Little girls clothes with tractors on them.  Who would have thought. Here's a couple.

This one is more of a harvest farm scene.  Quite pretty.  
Some people just don't do pink for girls.  These are an interesting alternative.

Here's a photo of the shop this year.  Its normally set up as a museum so we sort of have to work around the old furniture and collections.  It looks different every year. We just mix all our good together.  This was one of our biggest years since we have been doing it.  Its a long weekend opening both Saturday and Sunday but worth it plus a great way to catch up with everyone in town as they all come in for a look.

For the boys this year I did t-shirts with tractors.  I love doing the dresses but always get asked for boys things so did t-shirts and library bags which I don't have a photo of but you can see them all hanging on the counter.
So thats it for markets for a while.  


  1. You have cornered a real niche in the market! Who'd thunk it? Actually I did see a tractor painting in an art show recently that I loved.

  2. These dresses will well suit to the person's wife who have any association with construction, or farming that involves the use of tractor. I found it a bit funny. It was very interesting though.

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