Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three star table runner.

A start yesterday and a finish today.  Wouldn't it be nice if that happened more often. A table runner order for an 80th birthday present.  I dipped into my French General stash which I have put away for a rainy day.  I copied the design off one of my Mum's table runners, I had to do some maths to get the stars the right size and got it perfect.  I like it when that happens.  Especially good seeing I don't want to waste any of this fabric.

Here is the back, because thats what everyone one looks at don't they!!
I used a combination of pressing seams towards the darker fabric and pressing seams open.  It worked really well, very neat and not as much bulkyness.

Another order ticked off. You should see the pile of orders I have to go.  I have them all lined up on my shelves.  Bags, baby quilts and patchwork skirts are popular at the moment.

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