Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Skirt orders.

While I'm at the computer actually blogging I'll keep going. I've been taking photos but thats as far as I'm getting these days. 
One of my projects this week was to make a patchwork skirt and alter some larger size girls clothing into skirts for a four year old.
Here's the skirt.  I love making these.
The brief was mainly red for Winter.  To be worn with leggings.

Next I was given a girls dress about a size 10 I'd say to cut off and make into a skirt.

An easy chop and some elastic and done.

I was going to use the leftovers in the first patchwork skirt but then had a brainwave.  I sewed across the bottom of the remaining top, boxed the corners out and voila.....a bag!!!  Might patent that idea!  

Lastly a big skirt chopped into a smaller version.  
So one little local girl has her new Winter wardrobe sorted.

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  1. Ooh, that last one, I'd wear that! Nice work Julie.