Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here and there.

Some photos from my latest local travels.
We have moved west.  Scenery quite different.
No more green irrigated paddocks.

Snuck into a paddock to get this one.
Blue tractor, blue sky, couldn't resist.

Remembering to carry my camera around more often.

My new alarm clock.  These huge freight trains seem to go through 6.30 am each morning.  Slowly getting used to them.

My closest patchwork shop now.  Its a 45 minute drive.  
Its in an old church quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

Inside.  Heaps of stuff!

My purchases.  Well I had to buy something didn't I, she opened especially for me.

Miss Muffet taking over my sewing corner one evening.


  1. So does this mean the farm has sold and you have moved ?

  2. Wow so you've moved. certainly not as green as where you were.
    The landscape is till beautiful though, and such a cute spot for a quilt shop.

  3. I looked up Miss Sampsons drapery to find out where it was. Isolation! We used to live in Renmark on the Murray River so I have travelled through Sea Lake and Manangatang before, on holidays etc. certainly a dry, flat landscape out there!

  4. Hi Julie, while watching the news last night I seen your gorgeous photo that you must have submitted. Congratulations! it was a really great shot - keep up the great work, I've still got my camera on Auto!!!! :(