Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ausmodbee - April Blocks.

Two more blocks done for the Ausmodbee.
These ones are for Bronwyn of Whippet Good.

For the first block I used a tutorial from the Summer Sampler series as Bronwyn requested.  This block is called Flower Garden Path.  Very pretty but lots and lots of HST's and seams.  Its a smidge under the 12.5 inches which I wasn't happy about.  So I hope its still OK Bronwyn.

The second block  is called Lucky Pieces from the same tutorial series.  A lot quicker to assemble.

Now May blocks to complete and then its my turn to post out!!


  1. eeek!! they are fantastic! thank you so much Julie

  2. These are lovely Julie! I made the first one too, but used the alternate piecing method - not quite so many HSTs ;o)