Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aus Mod Bee February Blocks

If nothing else this year there will be twelve posts from the Aus Mod Bee.  Slack aren't I.  Lots going on around here, blogging kind of slipped down the lists of things to do.

This month it was Jane's turn to send out our monthly project.  Lets just say I knew Jane's would have some degree of difficulty but also look amazing.  
It was a foundation piecing block and you guessed it, I've never done foundation piecing.  I new I should have listened better when Mum tried to show me ages ago.
I sat it next to my machine for a while hoping it would make itself, no such luck.  
Eventually I had a quiet day and dove into it.  I have to say its a really good piecing method.  I'm definitely going to pursue a foundation pieced project in the future.  I had a few unpicks, its so easy to sew the fabric on facing the wrong way up.

Here are my two finished blocks.
Pretty impressive don't you think!

In other sewing news, I have the corner of a local clothes shop to put my hand made dresses etc in.  Its nothing super flash, an old shop in a tiny country town but its generated a some interest plus it means I don't have to store everything here.
I made the store owner some bunting for her window. I hope to set up more of my display this week.

Also working on some secret gifty type projects which I won't be able to blog for a while.
Just so you know the machine hasn't totally seized up on me.


  1. Well done on the space in a shop! The empire is beginning ....

  2. Congratulations having your dresses in a shop.

  3. I looooove your blocks - you done real good woman!

  4. awesome blocks for Jane. I tried the same thing - leaving the pattern and fabrics sitting by my machine for a couple of weeks to see if they'd magic themselves together. I was soooooo daunted by them, but then so very happy when they came together so amazingly well. They've set me off on a bit of a paper-piecing detour - I love the 'latte to go' pattern by the Sew-Ichigo girls, I've made it several times now - only one to keep - they make a great pressie sewn up into a coaster. And I've bought a few other patterns and downloaded them, ready to roll when I have a bit more time. Catherine