Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Library bags for playgroup.

Today was the first day of playgroup in the new room today and it went very well.  All the little ones got a library bag and were able to borrow some books today from school.  They can also use their bags when the mobile library bus comes to town.

I made eight bags, lucky I finished them last night!  Each one has a different print on the front, some boyish ones some more girly.  The main part of the bag is just calico.  No pattern, just made it up as I went along.  I used a largish picture book as a size guide, boxed out the bottom of the bag slightly and changed my mind again for the umpteenth time on the handle.  They came up quite well.  
The little twin girls in the group were still carrying theirs around at school pick up this afternoon which was cute.  Nice to have satisfied customers.


  1. Well done to you!
    They look lovely and is so nice to know that their little owners appreciate your work.

  2. They look so cute. Are they lined or single thickness?