Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aus Mod Bee January blocks.

After a long break not participating in swaps and online quilt groups I'm back in the game.  I received and invitation to join the Aus Mod Quilt Bee from one of the queen Bees Danielle.  Honoured that she thought I was up to scratch.  I started to get a little daunted when I flicked through Flickr and saw the amazing quilts they made last year.  A least I knew they were a reliable and creative bunch.  (I've been disappointed in people's commitment in the past.)

There are twelve girls.  We all have a designated month to send out fabric and a quilt block pattern to our co-bee-ers.  First up was Lorena and her Anna Maria Horner Feather Quilt blocks.  My first thought when I saw it was "eeek, what have I got myself into".  I made a little alignment error when cutting but lucky she sent surplus fabric so it all worked out fine.  Can I advise not trying to work out an unseen quilt block for the first time at 11pm at night.

Here are my finished blocks.  To be honest, (this sounds negative, its not meant to be) not a block or fabric I'd normally work with BUT I was very pleased with my effort and really liked the finished product.  Thats what its all about.  Trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone.  I'm becoming quite partial to grey background fabric too.  Seeing more and more of it around.

oops, got the toes in the photo.

So the feathers have flown off to Lorena.  Can't wait to see the finished quilt.  Looking forward to our next months project.

Still to compile a list of everyone in #ausmodbee's blog/twitter account.  If anyone has one I'd love a copy.  


  1. Such a pretty feather design.
    Grey is one of my favourite colours for around the home at the moment.

  2. I love this block! Saw Lorena making them up on Instagram and I thought at the time it looked tricky! Bt this is a lovely result. Go you!

  3. hi Julie, gorgeous feathers. I posted mine to Lorena today. I really love the feathers and think they will make a really beautiful quilt - there's no way in the world I could make a whole quilt of the feathers by myself though!!

    Danielle invited me to the bee too. From sticky-beaking at everyone's blogs and Flickrs, I'm definitely the least quilt-experienced. (have had a small freak out already but figure I'll just go super slow on anything tricky - like Jane's February block!!). Most of what I make is small-scale. So I'm very happy I don't have to actually quilt or bind anything for anyone ...

    My instagram/twitter name is hellofromcat and my Flickr is cat&vee (I have a little design/printing/sewing etsy shop with a good friend Vanita).

    talk to you as the bee-months progress. Catherine

  4. i just found your blog through a pin on pinterest (Patchwork table runner) and i can't stop looking through your posts. you're so talented and i LOVE how these blogs are coming out :) thanks for doing such awesome work and having such a great blog!!! this new reader is in HEAVEN!