Sunday, January 20, 2013

Still here.

Oh gosh.  A month and no blog post.  I've noticed this is becoming habit on my blog each Christmas, New Year period.  I'm calling it my annual leave.  

There's been a lot of action around here, we have had some nice school holiday time at home and in Melbourne.  The big news of the moment is that we have decided to sell our little farm.  My parents have also sold their house and are moving closer to us. So lots and lots going on.  Mainly cleaning, tidying and cruising the real estate web pages.  Exciting times.

These are a couple of end of year presents I haven't blogged. A table runner for our bus driver and a dolls quilt for a little friend.  All I've done since December is hand stitching with Abbe for the Once Upon a Time quilt by Melly and Me so I'm quite light on for crafty photos.

I'm busy planning my 2013 sewing storm.  It starts the first day of school goes back.  I've reached the "youngest child goes to school" life milestone.  I hope to accomplish some amazing sewing feats this year.  Miss Muff at pre-school last year seemed to be an unusually busy year.  I'm hoping having both kids at school means less running/driving around during the day so I can sit and sew for longer stints.  Some people are telling me life doesn't slow down once they are all at school.  I guess I'll find out soon enough.  If I'm super organised that 9am to 3.30pm time slot is MINE!!! 

There has been lots of tidying, sorting and planning for the sew-a-thon that is 2013.  When I dust off my camera I'll do a blog post of my plans for this year.  I have a UFO or two to finish, some new projects to start, an online swap to partake in and lots of new ideas for Narioka the business (which has gone into recess of late).  

While I'm rabbiting on I remember doing a UFO post last January, I might re-visit it and see what I accomplished on that list.

So thats my goss.  Good New Year so far.  Hope yours is too.
Bye for now.


  1. Wonderfulllll!!!!!

    hugs Maria Filomena

  2. Yes, that stitchery.... I think the room swap will take one more day and then it's time to do some prioritising for 2013!

  3. It must run in your DH's family, renovate kitchen - sell house.

    Good luck

  4. You will definately have more time! My youngest was a preppie last year, I did jobbies in the mornings, then the arvo's were all mine till 3:15 :)At the moment I am enjoying my first child free time for the holidays, hubby has taken them to his folks for the afternoon - tennis has been on the teev, machine has been humming, now some blog reading, bliss.
    All the best for the move

  5. You are moving straight after your kitchen reno?!? I like the photos you take around your farm so of coures now the challenge is to find something equally photogenic. Hope you can put all that extra time to wonderfully productive use (I can only dream of such thus far!). xx