Thursday, January 31, 2013

Classroom makeover.

We spent most of the last week around school getting things ready for this year.  Thats what you do when you are the Principal/teachers's wife.  At the end of last year the school was given a grant to create a community partnership.  Our school has decided to set up an area for the playgroup to use, they currently meet in people's homes.  We only have a tiny school of 16 kids and there are about 8 under school age toddlers and babies in play group.

I've included the product names and paint colours etc here in case anyone is looking to revamp a kids area.

Reluctantly, I trudged off to Ikea with the husband and the school cheque book and this is what we came home with.  

2 x expedit book cases
2 bed canopies
8 white children's chairs
grassy green shagpile mat
lots of bright coloured cushions
fabric for the pin boards
picture frames

All for well under $1000.  Still to come are i-pads, more toys and a table and stools for the Mum's to sit at and have coffee.

The coloured paint panels were done over the weekend too.  I didn't get a before photo but the area was all painted pale blue with unused furniture stacked against the wall.  Its a much more attractive room now.

The paint colours are
Dulux Castaway - blue
Dulux Ballet Slippers - pink
Dulux Applegate - green

Our local hardware store didn't stock Dulux but were still able to mix their colours in the brand he stocks.

It's probably turned out much more impressive than I first thought it would.

The infant teacher and I used Ikea frames which were only a couple of dollars each, to frame some of the kids art work.  It looks amazing.  She wants more for her classroom.  We are thinking maybe framing some art work to auction off at the school fete.

The fabric panels on the pin boards came up really nicely too.  I cute it roughly to size, turned over the edges and staple gunned it to the pin boards.  Its called Evalena, very cute bug fabric and suitable for boys and girls I thought.

We were particularly with how our Ikea hack turned out.  We bought two bed canopies ($9.99 each) and I hand sewed them together on three sides to make what had been dubbed the "circus tent".  Its suspended on cord with a pully so it can be lowered when the little kids are using the room.

MYSIG Bed canopy IKEA A bed canopy gives privacy and creates a room-in-room feeling.

Lastly, with the leftover paint we jazzed up book corner in the infant classroom.  Green paint on the wall, painted some old shelves blue and pinned some more fabric on the pin board.  This fabric was called pebbles, we are calling it the Flintstones fabric.  Oh, and the mat on the floor, we got a couple of these in various colours to put around the place too.  (We went a little nuts.)

So there you go, thats what we have been up to for the last week or so.
First day back at school today for the Mr. and both kids.  
Hoping to have more sewing and blogging time now.

I've just re-read this post, it sounds like a massive plug for Ikea doesn't it.  Its not sponsored, I just like their stuff.  It was nice to be able to go to one place and get almost everything we needed.  


  1. Very, very cute! You did a fabulous job - it looks like a happy place for sure!

  2. Imagine if they did sponsor'd be awesome!!!!

  3. It looks like a great space! Love the bright colours and the circus tent.

  4. It looks gorgeous! I didn't realise your hubs was a teacher, I thought a farmer, hehe. Small schools are great I reckon. My Mum was a principal at a school of about 15 kids here in country South Australia. Sadly they are nearly all closed now, gone the way of super schools. I'm a teacher myself (middle and secondary school) and always love to see classroom set ups. Quick question for your husband: how's he going planning National Curriculum to 7 different year levels in one class? It's ridiculously prescriptive for each year level.