Friday, December 14, 2012

Patchwork table runners.

 Its amazing what you can achieve when the internet goes down for a few days AND the husband is on school camp for the week.  I have set up my "sewing studio" in the lounge, watched the complete series of Downton Abbey on DVD and had the air conditioner pumping.  Not a bad week in my eyes.

I made a table runner for each of our lovely pre-school teachers.  Miss Muff insisted on carrying them in this huge basket which was kind of cute.  She's wearing her new Christmas dress too.

I'm on a roll with these table runners, here's another and I have a couple more I have to sew bindings on this weekend.  This one is from a French General charm pack I had put away for a rainy day.  It came up beautiful.

Camp bus has arrived home, we resume normal programming.


  1. Julie, they are beautiful. I love your fabric choice. The teachers will be so pleased.

  2. Nice! Still can't decide what to make a male teacher! Any tips?