Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Present making trials.

I'm continuing with testing out some patterns for potential gifts for some birthdays and Christmas.  I really should have started in June!  Oh well,  I'll see how I go.

I should be quilting Emerson's quilt but I'm not in a quilting mood.  I have to be in the mood to quilt.  Does anyone else have that problem?

Anyway, I've scoured the net this morning looking for a good, universal bag pattern I can use for gift giving.  
My requirements were 
- it had to be a decent size.
- no fancy clips, handles, catches etc. (hard to get hold of around here.)
- Easy to follow instructions.
- Fairly quick to make!!!!

I found quite a few patterns that were suitable but settled on this one. 
I made a few minor changes but pretty much made to the pattern. It took about two hours which is reasonable, the next one will be quicker.

I don't like making up untried patterns in expensive fabric in case of disaster, so I grabbed this 50cent Spotlight remnant to test it out.  It turned out lovely but shhh, Miss Muff will be getting this as one of her Christmas presents.  It will be handy to pop her other presents in Christmas day.  Mmm, thinking I should make Mr Nine a boy one now. 

Its such a good size I might do a few for myself now our supermarket has stopped providing plastic bags.  These would look a lot nicer than the enviro bags.

So readers, any other free, gifty, online pattern suggestions gratefully accepted.


  1. Take a pattern from the green enviro ones and line it.

  2. I hear you on needing to be in the mood to quilt!

    Love the bag.