Friday, November 30, 2012

Pre-Christmas crazy time.

Its that time of year again.  Not my favourite time of year but we always get there in the end.  I think my biggest dislike is the amount of miles we have to do in the car.  Not so much Christmas itself but all the lead up. this year we have a 50th, a 40th and a 76th to attend over the next three weekends, all involving lots of travel.  Maybe we just need to move closer to the action!  The weather has turned hot here (try 42 degrees yesterday),  I lose all motivation in the heat.  I've decided Christmas in the Winter would be fabulous.  The only advantage of the travel is that I might be able to sneak in some shopping, will have to get hubby to distract the kiddies though.

Anyway, whinge over.  

The last couple of weeks have seen Miss Muff doing her school transition.  We also had her pre-school concert yesterday.  Here she is as a Christmas Angel.  The children did a Christmas play and sang songs and had a party lunch.  It was really cute.

Here we are off to school transition day with big brother.
She is so ready to go to school.  Not sure I am.


  1. Oh your little one is growing, and school next year, wow such a big step.

  2. That's a GREAT pic of the 2 of them! Good luck Miss Muff!