Thursday, November 22, 2012

Emerson's Quilt.

I'm slow but I get there in the end.  Here is our nephew/cousin Emerson's baby quilt.  Yes he is four months old but he will never know will he!  The brief from Retromummy was red, white and navy.  I went with a classic star pattern.  Very American looking, I really like it.  

I had to climb into a horse paddock to get a photo of the quilt on this post and rail fence.  It sort of suits the quilt style don't you think?  I had to climb in three times, the horse in the paddock kept coming over to see what I was up to so I had to escape a couple of times.  I think its friendly but I was only wearing thongs and was afraid he might stand on my toes.  Give me cows any day.  Next time I'm taking some apples to throw to distract him while I photograph.

For the backing I used some Sherbert Pips and a nice check binding.  One minor potential disaster that I have to warn retromummy about is that I forgot to pre-wash the blue fabric.  Eeeek.  Hoping for the best there.  Maybe cold salty water for the first wash in case the colour runs.  Does anyone else have any magic solutions?


  1. No magic solutions, sorry, but it is beautiful!
    Love it!

  2. It looks Perfect for a Little Boy Julie...Colour Catchers are Great in the was...Corrie might already know of them...

  3. Definitely colour catchers. Gid's best washing invention ever.

  4. It's gorgeous and the pictures are fantastic! Here in the US, we have something called Retayne that prevents colors from bleeding.