Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Emerson's quilt started.

Yes, yes, yes, new nephew baby Emerson is three months old and I'm just making his quilt.  Better late than never I say.  A lot of thought has to go into these things you know.  

After consulting Retromummy on a colour scene my brief was navy red and white.  I've gone with a classic repeating star pattern.  I'm visualising it draped over a cot or bed or hung on a wall in a pristine white Pinteresty type room.  Got that Corrie!  No pressure.

I do quite like how it looks good on my new red desk too.

There's been a slight delay in proceedings as my iron just died.  There's been no sewing for weeks and finally the one day I get things together to actually make something the iron dies.  Oh well, hopefully I can get a new one tomorrow and continue work.

Quite appropriate colours to be working on today with the US election dominating our TV screens.


  1. oh it's beautiful! He's a lucky boy, that's for sure!!!!!!!! can't wait!


  2. Looks good. My new nephew is just over a month old and I am (still) looking for inspiration for his baby quilt.