Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly wrap here at Narioka.

Busy busy again, but I'm managing to still take photos so I can do a weekly wrap.  
That is until I get into some sewing.

The week went something like this.

The cows started calving.

The snakes started appearing.  Ick!

We went to a country show.
Mr Nine had his first ever scary ride........and it broke.....while he was on it!!!!!
Read flying pieces and hydraulic fluid spurting. 
An older man taken to hospital to be checked out, everyone else OK thank goodness.
Not sure if he will be allowed on one again for a while.

Little sister prefers safer activities.

And Me, well I did fairly well in the photography section.
Two firsts, three seconds and a "Print of the Show".
Planning next year's  entries now!

 We had the city cousins visit for some farm time.

We constructed a new residence for the cat.  
He gets locked up in the evenings and when we go out.

Experimenting with some artsy pics.

So that was our week, how was yours?


  1. Congrats on the show wins and OMG, I agree, don't let him on another ride until he's at least 30!!!!

  2. Good on you for the photography wins.
    Like the cats new residence too.

  3. Well done on the photography awards! As for the snake and the show ride, yikes.

  4. OMG SNAKE! So scared of them. Please tell me it wasn't poisonous.

    Congratulations on your show wins! Well deserved. Your photos are always so beautiful!

  5. Congratulatons on the photography wins, love that shot of the head of wheat. I am petrified of snakes ewwww, but I do love calves, and can still smell "dencavit" the mink powder mix we used to feed the abanded ones to seel for pocket money.

  6. Well done with your pics.
    Yeh, snakes are not something I miss about farm life. Hope they stay well away from your lot.