Monday, October 1, 2012

September wrap.

Eeek, lets just ignore the date on my last blog post. All is OK, just a tad busy.
Term three tends to get hectic.  School performance, end of soccer season, a birthday, some casual days work for me, a trip to Melbourne etc. etc.  

Mr Nine in action.  He loves his soccer.

Miss Four turned five.


With her new birthday present.  I'm going to teach her.

Some pics from our trip to the zoo.  Its been five years since we have been, its changed a lot in that time.  It really is a good day out, especially if you get magnificent weather like this.

A sleeping elephant.

Meerkats are so cute, they even had their tiny babies on display.  

The decorated elephant display to celebrate the zoo's 150th birthday.
Here's the patchwork one of course.

The 100 year old carousel at the zoo.

Kids on the carousel.