Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo play, canola.

The canola is flowering and my big girl model was in town for the weekend so twas a perfect opportunity to do some photos.  I rarely enhance my photos but thought the colours here are too good not to play with. I'm going to have some fun tweaking the (250 or so) photos we took today!

Here's my model is wearing the dress my Mum wore to her 21st birthday.  

Miss Muff loves her big girl cousin.  
Follows her around like a shadow the whole time.
No enhancement on this pic, don't you love canola!


  1. Miss Muff looks like a imaginary fairy friend. Gorgeous girls, gorgeous pics!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Julie!!!

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  4. The conola looks amazing and I love that dress. How cute does your little miss look.

  5. Tutu's and canola - a perfect match!