Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Perfect time of year for farm and garden.

These are just a few pics for the family.  They like to keep up to date with whats going on and how things are looking.  We had a farm and garden weekend just gone.  We spent most of the weekend outdoors, gardening, washing the house, cars, mortar bike etc. A real Spring clean, feels good.

I've decided the last few weeks at the end of October/start of November are the best time in our garden. Everything is so fresh and green, things are started to flower and the weather is nice.  Take the snakes out of the equation and it would be perfect.

A couple of vistas.

The climbing roses have gone crazy and the last of the iris flowers.

We have at least two nests of baby blue wrens in the bird house.  
You can hear them cheeping away when you get close.

The latest craze here is walking around the farm with the binoculars.
Not sure who is watching who here.

An Instragram pic of my favourite tree.  

Miss Muff perched on one of the low swinging branches.  Its a huge tree and would make a a perfect tree for a tree house, minus the resident bees.

Lastly, we baled our hay on the weekend.  
Mr Nine was pretty happy about getting to help with that.


  1. Your garden is beautiful. Love the bird house - gorgeous.

  2. The binocular pic is adorable! That would look fantastic blown, enlarged, you know what I mean!