Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Copperpatch - The Wedding.

The lovely "Mrs" Copperpatch on her wedding day last weekend.
Stunning bride!

I was very honoured to be able to attend with a few other on-line/come real life crafty buddies.  We were all seated at one table with another couple. When asked how we knew the bride,  Fiona was very quick to reply we were from her sewing group.  Phew, escaped the whole awkward "we met online", we are crazy people conversation.  

I'm a little sad its all over now.  We have all been assisting with preparations by posting ideas on Abbe's Pinterest page.  My little job was to make some just married bunting below, which I though was going on the present table but it ended up on the bridal table, eeek!  Very Pinterest don't you think.  

I won't spoil Abbe's fun, you will have to watch her blog for the official photos.
Lots of pretty paper lanterns, candles in preserving jars and even a handmade bouquet. 
She's a clever girl.

Congratulation Mr and Mrs C, all the best for your future. xxx


  1. Congratulations to new Mr. and Mrs! And your bunting looks fabulous! :0)

  2. Your bunting is a lovely addition to the bridal table.

  3. Thanks Jules!!
    One day people won't find our 'met on the internet' friendship so odd. They'll just think we're odd. Coz we are....
    Love love love my bunting and all of your helpful helping.
    Where would I be without 'The Sewing Girls'???
    Ab xx