Monday, August 27, 2012

The Narioka Ticker Tape Quilt.

Its done.
A quilt in under a week which is a good effort.
I can also tick this off my huge "To Do" list.

I just adore this quilt and wish I'd made one sooner.

Be warned if you ever make one there are lots of ends of threads and frayed edges, I kept snipping and shaking it outside.  Hopefully the little birdies that nest in our birdhouse can brighten up their residence with the threads.

The Spring time is here photo.
Nectarine blossom and Jonquils.

Quilt measures 42 by 64 inches. 
One tip, I put the binding on before I sewed the scraps too close to the edges.  I did a big basting stitch all the way around, bound the quilt then juggled the final pieces into position so no pieces touch the biding.  Its like doing a big jigsaw.  See photo on sewing machine below.
I love how the pieces are a bit wonky.
I love how all the colours go together.  I stayed away from black, brown, and greys.
I love that theres little pieces of lots of my previous quilts in here.
I originally saw the quilt on Crazy Mum Quilts Blog and was reminded of it again when I purchased her book, Sunday Morning Quilts.

I may have to make myself another one.
This little person has adopted this quilt and couldn't wait for it to be finished to sleep under it tonight.

It apparently makes a great cape!

Some behind the scenes action this morning.
My sewing room has turned into "our" sewing room.
Secretly happy about that and hoping she stays interested.


  1. WOW!!! looms totally amazing. Want to make one now more than ever. So gorgeous.

  2. This quilt is lovely, all the colour perfect for Spring.

  3. the comment ... 'Our Sewing Room' made me smile
    Happy stitching, P

  4. Amazing!!! Well done Sweetness, you're speedy AND creative xx

  5. Wow!!!!! That looks like a whole lot of tiny piecing to me.
    And it's gorgeous!!!!
    Love that pic of your littlest seriously stitching.
    Hope you have a happy week. x

  6. How beautiful of a quilt to just whip up in a week! And the little one sewing on that tiny sewing machine is adorable:)

  7. PRECIOUS!!! and your quilt is fabulous ;)

  8. How very sweet, and your quilt is awesome; I love it.