Monday, August 20, 2012

Sorting and some visitors and a couple of dramas.

A chance chat to Bec late last week lead to her and Miss S coming to stay a night.  Nothing like a bit of spontaneity.  Saturday afternoon was pretty much taken up doing farm things with the kids.  Once they were bundled off to bed the craft session started.  Husband was told to go out and play guitar with his mate leaving us to  make a huge crafty mess in the lounge room. Bec worked on her Dresdons and I sorted my stash.  Its so nice to have some crafty company.

I bought Sunday Morning Quilts last week and thought, no time like the present to get started on my scrap quilt management and making.  Here are my sorted boxes.  I got rid of some fabric and have another box of country colours to sell or find a home for.  I still have a big cupboard of other fabrics but mainly bigger cuts.  These boxes just have my small scraps.  Quite happy with my Saturday night effort.

My plan is to make a ticker tape quilt.

More crafting was had Sunday morning.  The kids got on so well and managed to pack a lot into the weekend.  Billy cart rides, chook chasing, collecting firewood, toasting marshmallows, tree climbing, computer games, comparing book collections, board games, rounding up cows, milking cows, feeding cows, collecting eggs, cutting up sheep for the freezer, being followed around by the cat and trampolining.  They were all very tired by Sunday afternoon but they had a great weekend and want to know when Miss S is coming back to visit.  Even Mr Nine who wasn't sure about a girl the same age as him coming to visit.  He was the first to ask when she is coming back which was nice.  They both read all the same books and play all the same games so had lots in common and Miss Muff just loves big girls too so they were all pretty happy.

 We had a few dramas for the weekend.  The main one being my bank card stopped working mysteriously.  After much toing and froing I discovered the bank had put a stop on the account because a suspected fraudulent transaction had occurred.  (We bought a kids computer game for $9 from USA.)  Pity the bank didn't give us a phone call.  I needed cash to pay for the sheep we were having butchered for the freezer and also another load of firewood.  After a few phone calls, several trips to the shops which shut early in the country and a flat tyre I finally got some money out.

The cat then decided to bring some presents to the back door.  Got to love a rat and a headless dead rabbit on the door step when you have visitors.  Must organise a little operation for Mr Pussycat.  He's very lucky he hasn't touched the blue wrens.  Surprisingly they seem to be co-existing quite nicely.  We lock him up every night so he can't go getting into trouble.  If he does start causing trouble we are getting a proper outside cat enclosure.

After our visitors left, our load of firewood was delivered, and I was able to pay for it....lucky.....we were completely out of wood.  The wood man took the dead rabbit to feed his dog which was a bonus.

So we head off to bed Sunday night and our warning light on our waste water system is on so today I'm trying to organise a new pump for the septic.  

Life is never dull here.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend despite a few dramas :)

  2. What a lovely weekend! Wish mine had been so crafty! You could think about giving your extra fabric to
    Jan-Maree organises quilts to be sent to our defence force overseas and could always use some more fabric!

  3. heehee, I might just send a link to this post- you've summed it up perfectly! Such a great weekend- we were both sad after a 'Manic Monday' in the big smoke- we wished we were back on the farm! Sib's enjoying her 'campfire' smelling hair, reminds her of toasting marshies haha

  4. Oh no! I just read the last few posts here on the blog and saw the 'leggings aren't pants' post. And now there's pics on the blog of 'leggings as pants'! I really am a bad influence haha