Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some home knits for a little fellow.

More goodies have arrived for baby Lachlan.
These gorgeous modern little knits are from Kylie from Mealy and I.
I rang her straight away to say thank you and had a lovely chat.
I've wrapped them up tonight to pass on to the family.

Also arrived this week are some more knits this time from my Mum.
So cute too.  My kids had heaps of these little Grandma cards and jumpers.  You can't have too many, especially with the weather at the moment.

Close up of the cross stitch duck on the front of the jumper.

Good and bad news on the fundraising evening organised for the family.  
Good news is is booked out already!!!
Which means we couldn't get a ticket.
I've got a big box of things to donate for the auction which I'll deliver to the organisers next week.

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  1. They are gorgeous knits, just what a little boy needs!