Monday, August 27, 2012

Since I was last here.

We have had a busy week.  So much so, Grandma has been to stay and relieve the load.  Nothing too out of the ordinary just a busy week.  Here's a few random snaps.

One rainy cold night while going out to get firewood we discovered this beautiful creature in our big tree in the back yard.  He flew up into the tree, he had a massive wing span.  So great to know we have beautiful birds like this around.  Our kookaburras have made their return too this week.  When we first moved in they used to eat out of our hands.  If I had time I'd train these guys up too.

Friday, (pupil free day) we had the day in Bendigo.  We spent two hours here in the conservatory at Rosalind Park,  digging for dinosaur bones.  If you are planning to go its more a pre-schooler activity although Mr Nine still enjoyed himself.  The conservatory's Palaeontologist and her emu were very helpful.

Spotted - yarn bombed tree in the centre of town.  
I wish I could knit if only to do his one day,

Finally, some weekend farm work.  
Kids helping feed out hay from ute.
Note our cat (who think he's a dog) "helping" in trailer.
He rode around the whole way.  The kids were in hysterics.


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  1. The cat has grown so much, and how funny that he stayed on the trailor.
    That yarn bombed tree looks amazing too.