Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Making and photographing fabric die for Dad.

Last night Daddy (primary teacher) put in a custom order for a large die he can use in his maths lessons.  He likes to be able to throw it around the room and give all the kids a turn when playing maths games.

I cut six 6 & 1/2 inch squares.  I could have cut it as one T shape but I wanted a seam on each edge so did it this way.

For the dots I used white fabric, Visifix and a twenty cent coin to trace around the twenty one circles.  I ironed them on the squares then appliquéd them on using a tight zig zig stitch on my machine.  I then sewed up the side seams, Mis Muff stuffed it for me and hand sewed the opening shut.  I think it will do the trick.
Seeing its such a nice day we went outside for some photos.  As you can see it takes a lot of gos sometimes to get a good picture.

She wanted to do it on the outside table.
Obligatory photo but die getting lost in tree branches.

No, don't throw the dice at me!

OK, we have the idea now.
Ignore the sandals over socks thing.

Enter a chook.

Dice in air, chook watching, good photo finally.

Enter the rest of the chooks and some calves.

Finally, enter the cat.  Chooks not impressed.
Whats that thing about working with children and animals.


  1. that thing is don't do it but personally I think it makes for heaps of fun... :o)

  2. Looks like fun. Love the die in the air shot with the chook. Nothing wrong with socks and sandals!