Monday, August 6, 2012

Kind hearted people.

The other day I posted about a local family going through a very difficult time.
A fundraising evening has been organised for the end of August and the organisers are looking for auction items.  Some very generous reader of my blog have sent some beautiful things to donate.

Kris from Colouring Outside the Lines sent me a big box containing this gorgeous quilt, a knitted (so soft) prayer shawl and two hand made purses.  So generous, thankyou Kris.

A nice fresh clean hay bale made a great photo spot.
Panning back to show you my usual crowd of onlookers.
Don't worry, no cows touched the quilt!

A day later I received another package.
Wow again!
Jenny from Ohjoh this time with one of her very classy aprons, snazzy pot holder and a little kitchen helper's apron.  

Thankyou Jenny.
The generosity of bloggers and people I've never met in person never ceases to amaze me.
Thankyou girls. xxxx

There's still a couple of weeks to go if you are interested in sending an item in for the auction or for little Lachlan himself.


  1. ooh, I love a post with the word 'snazzy' in it! And that's a good idea, things for the bub too. Have to get into action!

  2. Happy to send one of my little handspun handknit hats if you let me know your address!

  3. You're very welcome Julie.
    I hope you get lots more goodies to help.