Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Palm Beach Quilting - review.

I like finding out about quilt shops on other peoples blogs so I thought I'd pop a new one I've found on here. On our recent trip to Melbourne Mum took me around to Palm Beach Quilting's new location in Carrum Downs.  I think its her new "local".  You sort of know when you are greeted on first name terms as you walk in the door.  Mum's a great one for "popping out for some milk" sometimes several times a day. If you get my drift.  Just don't tell Dad what she is really up to.

The shop is in a semi industrial sort of area in a big airy building with high ceilings and lots of wall space for hanging quilts.  I love this patchwork covered chair just as you walk in.  I think I want one!  Maureen the owner seems to have lovely taste in fabric with quite a few of my current favourites on the shelves.  French General, Bonnie and Camille and Fandango plus lots of blendy type fabrics plus a big range of wide backs and on-line shopping.  

Mareen also offers a quilting service, Mum's had a couple done an is extremely happy with the service, price and turnaround time.  Definitely one shop our quilt shop crawl list when we visit again.

Thanks to everyone who has offered items to help the family in my previous post.  If you would like to help I'm collecting things for the next few weeks for the fund raiser at the end of August.

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