Friday, July 27, 2012

Hexi's, another cushion and farm pics.

I've looked back and realised I started working on these hexagons for over two years.  I work on them in bursts and they are what I grab if I need to take craft somewhere to fill in time.  I still have a long way to go before I have enough for a quilt.  Here they are laid on the rickety old day bed in the garden.  See not many done really.  I think I'll need three times this many so going on my current speed thats another four years work.  I always knew it would be an ongoing project.

Hexi's on a fence post just because I can. 

The weather is funny here today.  No rain but around us there a these big black clouds.  I was trying to get a photo of this tree's silver bark against the dark sky, it sort of worked.

Here are some of my babies.  See the dopey one in the middle.  He must have some Brown Swiss in his breeding, he's always had those big droopy ears, very cute.

And lastly, another Sherbet Pips cushion for another baby boy. 

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  1. Beautiful hexies! Two years! You're doing well, I'm fully expecting mine to be the longest-running project ever (and that's saying something!)