Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Help wanted.

This sad sad story of friends of ours was published in our local paper today.  
For eight weeks we have been getting snippets of information about Kristy and baby Lachlan from family and friends.  They are a lovely family.  This is not how a young couple should be spending what should be the happiest time of their lives. 

At seven months pregnant Kristy experienced a rare brain condition and was rushed to Melbourne.  It was decided to deliver baby Lachlan prematurely.  Kristy is still in a very serious condition and Dad Rohan is unable to work while he divides his time between the two of them.   They are unsure if Kristy is aware that Lachlan is hers.  Quite heart wrenching.  She is making progress but its going to be a long road.

If you would like to help, a couple of fundraisers have been organised for the family.  I thought I'd post the family's story here and if any of my crafty blog friends would like to donate items for auctions and raffle on the trivia night to help raise funds please contact me and I'll make sure your goods get to the organisers.
Alternatively if you would like to give anything directly to the family I can pass it on on your behalf.  There is also going to be a trust fund set up.  When I get details I'll post it here too.

The first fund raising evening is at the end of August.

I'm going to make Lachlan a quilt and some cushions/quilt to auction.


Baby Lachlan. 


  1. I'm thinking a notions package to add to the auction. Thread, needles, appliqué pins etc. sound good?
    Well done you for doing something - definitely a good egg xx

  2. Such a sad story- but great they have family support and local support too! I'm in- needed a reason to make more coasters, will send you set to auction!

  3. Hey Julie - I'll send you an email. I have several items that I can donate for an auction.

  4. Hi Julie,
    I can send you an apron if you think it will help.
    Just let me know.

  5. Hi Julie,
    Id love to knit a little pueperium cardigan for Lachlan just like Corrie's. What do you think? .It can be donated to the fundraiser or to the bub himself. Im so sad for them. My email is angie_clare84@hotmail.com if you'd like to send any further information to me.

  6. I've started knitting for him. A little cardi, a milo and a beanie will be sent his way. Such a sad story of what should be a joyous and happy time in their lives.