Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not something you see every day.

Four year old, watching TV yells out, "Mum there's a horse out the window."

Me, thinking overactive imagination, must turn the TV off, has a look and low and behold there's a horse drawn red wagon going down the road.  Gorgeous to see.  I wanted one immediatley. My secret Amish fantasties were being realised right on my door step.

So me being me, 
grabbed kid,
flew out the door, 
no shoes, 
camera in hand,
 into the car 
to cut him off at the next corner.
He wasn't hard to catch.

(I always fancied myself as in investigative journalist.)

Anyway, meet Bruce from Clunes on his way home from the Echuca Steam Rally over the weekend.  
Its about a ten day trip home, Echuca to Clunes.  
Its two to three hours by car.  What a way to travel hey!

We had a bit of a chat, took some photos, met Hank and Rose the horses.

Gave him some local directions and off he went.


  1. Don't you mean "hay"...? ;-)
    What a wonderful way to see the world x

  2. With you on the Amish thing. Marrying a modern city boy didn't help that though.
    Bruce from Clunes looks like he's in for some lovely slow days ahead.
    Hope he had his beanie and gloves!

  3. Ohmygod!!!!!! I want to bump into Bruce too.
    How divine. x