Monday, June 25, 2012

Making it up as I go along.

The lovely Abbe from Copperpatch sent me a bundle of fabric in the mail last week.  
The plan is that I return it to her in the form of a quilt.  
No other instructions were given.  
Even when I asked.  
Very unhelpful.
So, I've been shuffling around the fabrics deciding what pattern to use.

I've decided to do a version of my trusty pin wheel quilt.
You can't go wrong with pin wheels.

I've started cutting.  I managed to mess up cutting two layer cake squares by cutting them the wrong way. That will teach me not to concentrate especially when I'm using other people's fabric.  All is not lost, the miss cut pieces can go on the quilt back, I'll think of a creative way of arranging them so it looks like I meant to do it all along.

Its so nice to be quilting again.  
We seem to have a busy year this year.


  1. Not unhelpful just encouraging your create flow. Eat some more pie and you'll be inspired.
    Ab x I wuv you!