Sunday, June 17, 2012

Julia buzz.

Some interesting goings on in blog land the last few days.

Did you know the Prime Minister hosted morning tea with bloggers at Kirribilli House last week.
Wouldn't that be special.
I wonder how that came about?

Next thing Julia asks to follow me on Twitter.
Serious checking profile to see if its really her.
It seems it is.
She's actually having a little banter with the girls from morning tea. OMG
I accept her request and follow her back.
This is followed by the realisation that she might possibly read some things I write.
It can't be any worse than Dad following me on Twitter.

A bit of trawling through the morning tea guest's blogs ensued.

I discovers Julia knits and put peas in her tuna mornay.  
Who would have thought.
Decided Julia needs a blog.
Wouldn't that be interesting.
I bet no other politician could boast a craft blog.

I think I'll suggest she invites some rural bloggers next time.
Who wants to come?
You never know.......

And just because every blog post needs a photo, 
heres our crazy kitten hanging out with the calves.


  1. Kitty with the calves, how cute, not worried about each other are they. Our pups and cats used to lick around the mouths of the bucket fed poddy calves after their morning feed.

  2. Well, hobnobbing with the PM could be one way of moving up in the world, lol. Yes she definitely needs a blog - funny, I guess they must, but I can't imagine Julia in the kitchen and general domesticity, lol. Kitten looks like he's getting on nicely with his friends.

  3. Oh me, I'd love to hang with Julia, especially if she's gonna be a blogger.... ;o)

  4. Maybe she could come home to her own electorate and have morning tea with us bloggers here? We have plenty to say.