Sunday, May 13, 2012

We have reached the next stage.

Just when you think you have everything under control life changes doesn't it.  Everyone likes to think they will have more time for things as the kids get older and go to school but I keep getting told "No, it just gets busier".  This term we have discovered just that.  We now have one doing ballet and another doing music and soccer.  Its meaning more time in the car but they are both enjoying what they do so much I don't mind at all.  

Mr Nine has tried a couple of different sports and not really liked them.  He's a fit, co-ordinated kid, so we knew he would stumble on something he liked eventually.  It turns out soccer might be his thing.  He even scored a quite an impressive goal yesterday in only his third week at it.  He practises for hours at home kicking balls against our brick wall.  

Miss Four loves her ballet too.  I wasn't sure how she would go not knowing any other little girls there but she keeps asking me what day it is and would dress in her ballet clothes first thing in the morning if I let her.  Its such a lovely class, there's a lady that plays piano and everyone is so polite, lady like.

It really wouldn't worry me if they didn't do any extra curricular activities at all but I'd like to think they have had the opportunities, its their choice if they want to continue or change to different activities.


  1. They have both grown sooo much! Especially, Miss Muff in the last year. Wow!
    I'm glad they've both found their thing and you can always do hand work while sitting and waiting.
    Happy bathroom planning Cheeky Chops.
    Ab x

  2. They also have an opportunity to mix with other children they may not meet in their school and social circles. Being able to give our children choice and opportunity is wonderful.