Monday, May 7, 2012

Two markets in two weeks.

I had my second market in as many weeks today.  Well, not really a market, more a gathering of local sellers for a Mother's Day fundraiser at our pre-school.  Its not a bad little fund raising idea if you are trying to think of something to run.  Each of the stall holders were charged $20 to have a table.  All the pre-school families provide a plate of sandwiched or slice for morning tea.  

It was $5 entry which got you morning tea, a chance to win one of many door prizes, entertainment for the little kids (jumping castle and painting) plus the chance to do a little shopping close to home.

I've decided to do a market check list post next.  
I left my organising for today to the very last minute, hoping it was all still in the boxes from last time.  I had everything except a float to which my friend saved the day otherwise it would have been a mad rush to the bank.  I'm getting pretty good now I can set up and pack up in record time but it helps to be very organised.  

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  1. It looks great and sounds like a fun way to raise money for kinder.
    You have been busy!